How to Avoid Scratches on Car Paint

A sight of a slightest of the scratch on your expensive car paint can be very annoying and frequent too. As an auto body facility in Winder, GA, Akins Collision Center recommends you some precautionary measures to avoid and make these aggravating views rare:

  • Park your car carefully. Keep a considerable amount of a distance from the vehicle next in parking zones. Avoid parking at places where lot of people may loiter and be sloppy.
  • Find a shady or covered area for parking of your car to avoid the fading and damage to the paint by the sun’s UV rays and hot temperature.
  • Choose smooth roads and avoid reckless driving to be safe from collisions and scratches.
  • Wash your car regularly to clean the abrasive dirt from the auto body. Clean from top of the roof to bottom using lots of water. Do not scratch for removing tough deposits, use clay bar for the purpose. Bad washing practices can also cause scratches and swirl-marks.
  • Avoid use of soaps and detergents. Use in less quantity if needed.
  • Do not clean your car surface with a dry cloth or hands, dirt may scrape your car paint.
  • Wax your car frequently using a high-quality wax to maintain luster and prevent it from natural and chemical pollutants.

Scratches may also appear despite of all the concern taken. You can attempt to polish away minor scratches using a cutting compound and fine finishing polish. But do not try to fix deep scratches by yourself; it may damage the car paint for the worse. Get assistance from a professional body shop in such cases.