How to Repair Vehicle Paint Chips

Fixing your vehicle paint chips is significant part of automobile repairs. Chipped and dented paint surfaces are both unfavorable to the aesthetic value of a vehicle, and are dangerous to the body of a car. Paint chips appear for several reasons and to varying degrees.

Repairing your vehicle’s paint chips is a multiphase and lengthy procedure. However, the basic method can be broken into given below phases. Although there are a number of methods to repair paint chips, but it is a time consuming and exhausting process for an inexperienced person. Hence we suggest you the most effective method to repair damaged auto paint is to visit to an auto body repair shop.

1. Recognizing and matching the car Paint Color

Your vehicle paint colors have a matching color code. Paint color codes are placed on a vehicle tag that can be found in a number of different places depending on the make and model of automobile. The paint color code must be used as reference in order to buy the exact car paint that will be applied to the chipped surfaces.

2. Surface grounding and Rust Removal

It is essential for the exterior of the vehicle to be prepared correctly before applying new paint to the chipped areas. Warm soapy water may be used to wash off dirt and waste. The surface area close to the paint chips must be carefully cleaned using car cleaning solvents, rust dissolvent and eliminators. The chipped areas must be lightly to smooth the surface that will be repainted. It is dangerous that all rust is removed previously to apply new paint on the affected areas.

3. Prime and Paint

It is necessary to apply primer starting from the center of the chipped surface and then moving outward. Allow the primer to dry-sand the area to restore a flat surface and then apply the touch up coat with matching color paint. 

4. Sand and polish

Sanding and polishing the repaired surface is the finishing step and should only happen after the paint coat has dried totally. This step should be done repetitively in order to attain an extremely smooth and shiny finish.

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