How Frame Straightening Process Works

Mostly customers think that what is frame straightening process and how it works, and more importantly they need to do it for their vehicle or not. So, we explain in this article that how it works and who should do frame straightening for their vehicle.

What is frame straightening?

Sometimes due to hail etc your car damage is less and only occurs on the body of your car, but sometimes the damage is far-reaching. If the damage reached to the inner frame of your vehicle and need to be repair then frame straightening is essential to get your vehicle back in the good condition. It can be done by using frame machines. So, frame machines are very important to be present in the body shops because this type of damage occurs in approximately half of all the crashes.

These machines are used to straighten the frame by allowing us to push or pull it to its original shape. It depends on the frame type and the damaged area. The frame machine which is using by our shop has torque and hydraulics to restore the frame that a man can’t simply do.

Laser measuring system is a new technology in frame straightening process that provides by our auto body technicians. It will help to make good results and make your vehicle with better look.

When is frame straightening needed?

Sometimes a small low speed collision is a reason of big damage to your vehicles. It is very surprising at the moments. It is a good reason for the need of frame straightening. A best innovation for auto safety is the crumple zone. Crumple zone means the areas of the car that are crush in a crash for the safety of passengers due to its ability to absorb some of the impact’s energy.

These crumple zones outcome in less casualty to passengers, but it also comes with extra damage to your car also in very low speed collisions. You should also go for request an estimate even after any small type of collisions. May be you are not aware of the hidden damages and the cost of collision repair probably around thousands of dollars.