Essential Facts about Teen Driving

The major cause of death for teens is car crashes in the U.S. It’s a fact that the reason for death because of homicides and suicides are less and more youths die in car crashes. We can prevent teen crashes in which parents plays a vital role.

Collision repair experts and a study shows some facts that parents must have to know about teen driving that are given below:-

  1. When teen drivers get their independent driving license then first 12 months are most dangerous time for them.
  2. The risk of teen driver’s crash is 3 times more than experiences drivers.
  3. Teen drivers take risks more than the older drivers but most of the times teen crash occurs because of inexperience.
  4. The risk of teen driver’s crash increases, if 3 or more teens are there in the car.
  5. Mostly teen driver’s crash occurs in the midnights or before midnight.
  6. Mostly teens are avoids to wear seat belt. So, it is also a main reason of teen driver’s crash.
  7. The driving habit of parents gives a great impact on teens. Teens learn many driving habits by watching their parents. So, parents have to take care of it to prevent teens driving crashes.


At last we can say that, if parents are aware from all the above written things then teen driver’s crash reduces for sure. It also saves many lives and their money spent on vehicle restoration.