Driving Drowsy as unsafe as Drunk Driving

The chance of accidents when you feel sleepy is more than the driving when you drunk. It is also very dangerous as drunk driving. It is noted that the reason of accidents because of driving drowsy is more than the accidents because of drunk driving.  The majority of the accidents happen at fast speeds. If the driver is asleep, there is no any chance of taking safety measures like steering or braking take place before collision. Unfortunately, if u met with an accident then make call to police or to any auto shop for towing.

It is very hard to limit this type of problem. In case, if you find your friend yawning in the afternoon then you must have to suggest him/her to take a nap before driving. If you find any driver taking high caffeine drink then you have to call the police and report that driver. This also may save some lives. The problem of drowsiness while driving makes driver’s mind slower and he/she will lose ability to react fast at the time of any danger.

Age plays a very important role in making decisions quickly while driving. But according to some good national institutes, young adult drivers are more prone to accidents because of drowsiness. The mixture of study, work and may be late night parties can make it very hard to get proper night sleep which makes young drivers drowsy while driving. But this does not mean that the old drivers are resistant. Almost all the drivers feel drowsy after some time period mostly in the afternoon or late nights.

After research on many of the accidents the study shows that mostly drivers feeling drowsy in early afternoon because the body is digesting lunch at this time and late nights between midnights and sunrise. You must have to pay more attention to your body if you must have to drive in these times. If you don’t want to go to hospital and you don’t want to send you car to any auto body shop then you have to analyze yourself while driving by finding some signs like drifting into other lanes, slowing down unintentionally, heavy eyes,  or too much yawning are all the signs of drowsiness. You must have to stop as soon as possible if there is any sign occurs from the above written.