Hidden Damage after An Accident

Finding hidden damages in the car after an accident is an art. The spots and defects that are visible can easily found by average man but the spots or any broken seals of bumper etc will be found by an expert. Sometimes it does not look like that the car has any damage. The damage may not be visible to your eyes but a trained professional can find it easily which may be very expensive to fix. Some automatic laser components are also used to find out hidden damages after collision, which are not visible to naked eye. The most important thing in a car is its frame. Any collision may effect on the car frame that is not seen by any lay man or by naked eye. So, when you want to go for collision repair you must have to aware that the hidden damages must be verify by an expert.

How Frames React In Collisions

The frame of the car directly effects on your car's safety. If you met with an accident or even a minor rear-end collision, it effects on the frame or changing your vehicle's alignment and air bag deployment etc. The frame of your car can damaged in following two ways.

  1. Direct damage
  2. Damage that appears on the place of crash is called a direct damage. Like in a rear end collision, the frame at the rear end may be damaged and visible to naked eye is known as a direct damage.

  3. Indirect damage
  4. Indirect damage is a type of damage which is not visible at the place of collision. Or which is not visible to an average man. Like in a rear end collision, the frame and body of car appears perfect on the place of crash but the indirect damage to the body and frame of the car appears away from the area of collision. Think of indirect damage as the accident's "ripple effect" through your vehicle.

The Ripple Effect

The ripple effect damage happens far from the place of the crash. An automobile that appears repaired fully to the naked eye can still have some damages to the frame structure that will endanger automobile occupants in the future.

The best way to evaluate the situation of a frame's indirect harm is to have the frame verified by an auto body shop that uses computerized laser measuring systems for inspected the hidden damage after collision and it is very important and necessary.