What Type of Auto Body Parts are Used to Repair my Car?

Whenever your vehicle is caught up in accident and requires auto body repair, replacement parts may be compulsory to re-establish your car, truck, or SUV to pre-accident state. There are three common types of body repair parts:

  • New, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

  • Recycled/Refurbished OEM

  • Aftermarket

The type of collision repair parts used by the body shop that works on your automobile will depend on a number of factors:

  • The conditions of the insurance policy being used to payment for the repair

  • Your budget (in case you are paying for the repair)

  • The age of your vehicle

  • Parts availability

So, what are the basic differences in these parts? New OEM parts are brand new parts manufactured by the company that made your car. Recycled OEM parts are used parts that have been collected and renewed from a vehicle just like yours that is the similar model year or latest. Aftermarket parts are new parts made by a manufacturer other than the one that built your vehicle. Usually, New OEM parts are the most costly, followed by recycled parts, with aftermarket parts being the least expensive.

Can I choose desired parts to restore my vehicle?

That depends mainly on who is paying for the restore. If you are paying out of your own pocket, you may select what parts you want on your vehicle. The collision repair shop can offer you an estimates based on each type of parts, so that you can make the finest conclusion based on your budget. On the other hand if an insurance company is paying for the restore your vehicle, then the kind of parts used will be determined by the words in the insurance plan. Most of the insurance companies specify aftermarket or recycled parts, except if they are not readily available. If you wish for different replacement parts then it is possible. But you have to pay the difference in cost from your pocket. There are some exceptions to the law, however. The best time to learn about the auto body repair parts is before you have an accident, not when your car is in the body shop and you are in the stress of the accident. Always keep in mind that if you choose Akins Collision Center to do your body repair work, no issue which type of replacement parts are used you will get our best Warranty on all collision repairs work.