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Importance of Paintless Dent Removal  

Paintless Dent Removal is used on dents in which the paint is intact and not related to accidents as well. The car's original finish remains same, dent removal is much cheaper and you can have your car back in short period of time and save yours

December 27, 2013
How to Avoid Scratches on Car Paint  

A sight of a slightest of the scratch on your expensive car paint can be very annoying and frequent too. As an auto body facility in Winder, GA, Akins Collision Center recommends you some precautionary mea

November 29, 2013
Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop in Winder, GA  

The stress of a damaged car after an accident is difficult to handle but more painstaking is getting the auto body job done from the right body shop. Choosing an unrighteous auto body shop may deliver substandard services which can be even more

November 25, 2013
Repairing Auto Hail Damage  

A hailstorm when hit hard is potent to damage properties like houses or cars. Hails are ice pieces of varied sizes, big or small. The damage due to striking of hails on a car surface is extensive and can cause heavy repair costs as a result of l

December 26, 2013
When You Need to Paint Your Car  

The paint of your car is one of the most important aspects that need great care. The value and age of your car can easily be determined by looking at the car paint and its appearance. If the paint is good enough then it is easy to live with the

January 11, 2014
Simple Steps to Paint Your Car  

Car Painting is a time consuming multi step process that includes processes like sanding, preparing the car's body and painting. It is an art more than a mechanical work. An expert and perfect painter require lot of patience and experience for d

January 18, 2014
Techniques of Custom Auto Painting  

Custom auto paint helps to convert your car into a work of art. It is a way of expressing your feelings in the form of car painting. The initial steps to custom painting are almost the same as a traditional car painting but in the final steps it

February 5, 2014
Hidden Damage after An Accident  

Finding hidden damages in the car after an accident is an art. The spots and defects that are visible can easily found by average man but the spots or any broken seals of bumper etc will be found by an expert. Sometimes it does not look like tha

July 7, 2014
Best Methods to Repair Small Dents and Dings  

A small dent or ding suddenly appearing on your favorite car may not be difficult to believe but repairing those may be quite painstaking. There may be many reasons behind a single dent or ding like hail, vandalism, gravel or even an accident. B

February 8, 2014
How to Repair Your Cracked Windshield  

Windshield repair is a very important and useful technique used by any expert auto body shops. It is possible due to modern technology. In earl

July 9, 2014
Important Things to do for Vehicle Restoration  

The process of restoring a damaged vehicle to its original condition is known as vehicle restoration. It includes rest

March 8, 2014
Procedure of Scratch Removal from Plastic Bumpers  

When you possess a car you always want it to appear shiny and dazzling. But scratches and cracks on plastic bumpers makes it look ugly. A plastic bumper repair is an easy body repair task to make your car beautiful. There are few options availab

March 10, 2014
What Type of Auto Body Parts are Used to Repair my Car?  

Whenever your vehicle is caught up in accident and requires auto body repair, replacement parts may be compulsory t

May 9, 2014
How to Deal with Your First Vehicle Accident  

You will surely get shocked and be out of mind if you find yourself in the middle of your first auto accident. Not only will you think about the instant safety concerns, you will also think about who to call. Even the most alert type of drivers

May 7, 2014
Common Auto Body Repair Myths  

Myth:The insurance company will not warranty repairs from a particular body repair shop?

Truth: Several insurance com

April 15, 2014
What to Check After Your Car Body Repair  

Apart from of the auto body shop that you've chosen to handle any car repair, it is always a necessity to verify and make sure they have done their job correctly. There are a lot of repair shops that are in a hurry to do the repair process deliv

April 18, 2014
Why Towing Service is Really Essential?  

Do you want help of towing services in order to take your automobile to the near auto body shop or to your home, in case of accident or unnecessary stop of your vehicle?

In early days, most of the drivers like to pull their vehicles with

June 2, 2014
Tips for Taking Care of Your Car's Paint  

It's necessary to take care for your car's paint; as it's the skin and only protector from rusting your car's metal, not to mention that how a good shiny paint looks, and no matter what body style or model of the car.

If you compromise w

June 5, 2014
Environment-Friendly Car Wash Tips  

Cleaning nicely your car from inside and outside regularly is always a very good idea. Cleaning on regular basis can make your car's life longer and also you can prevent your vehicle from major maintenance. Many people using a hose and start sca

August 12, 2014
How to Clean your Car's Interior  

Cleaning your car from inside is not a very big task but most of the times you may leave the car dirty from inside without following the right approaches and set of mind. You can make your car as good as new from inside by following some of the

August 13, 2014
How You May be Spoiling Your Car Paint  

There are many habits that might ruin your car painting and yo

September 9, 2014
Points to Remember for Preparing your Car for Sale  

There is a saying that first impression is a last impression and it is also accurate at the time when you want to sell your vehicle. Every reseller wants to raise the profit from a vehicle sale.

There are three things that are focused t

September 10, 2014
How to Drive in Snow and Ice  

Most of the times your car starts to slip and may be slipping will be the reason for accident and which results you may go to an auto body shop to fix your car. It is important to

October 15, 2014
Driving Drowsy as unsafe as Drunk Driving  

The chance of accidents when you feel sleepy is more than the driving when you drunk. It is also very dangerous as drunk driving. It is noted that the reason of accidents because of driving drowsy is more than the accidents because of drunk drivin

October 17, 2014
Essential Facts about Teen Driving  

The major cause of death for teens is car crashes in the U.S. It’s a fact that the reason for death because of homicides and suicides are less and more youths die in car crashes. We can prevent teen crashes in which parents plays a vital rol

November 12, 2014
Rules of Driving That are Often Forgotten  

It is true that you know all the driving rules when you starting to drive at the beginning. But after time passes, you may not follow the things that you learn in the driving school and start to do what you think right according to your past exper

November 15, 2014
How Frame Straightening Process Works  

Mostly customers think that what is frame straightening process and how it works, and more importantly they need to do it for their vehicle or not. So, we explain in this article that how it works and who should do frame straightening for their ve

December 11, 2014
Springtime Auto Instructions  

The best time for auto maintenance is spring. There are warm days in this season for wash and wax your car properly. You can wash away the murk of the winter in this season. You can take out the gloves, snow shovels and heavy boots in this season

December 13, 2014
Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Car  

In a survey for annual revenue of rental car companies from USA shows that they paid $25 billion at 19,595 locations with 1.987 million cars. May be you believe that the procedure of renting a vehicle is very clear and straight forward. It’s

January 12, 2015
Which is the Finest Car from Small Cars?  

The 2015 Volkswagen Golf at 1st positions and 2015 Honda Fit is at 2nd position from 41 affordable small cars. The positions are based on test drives, reliability, and published reviews. The reviews of both the cars are

January 16, 2015
Never Disregard Brake Warning Light  

Car brakes are the most important aspect and also very important for your safety. Some drivers ignore the brake warning lights in car dashboard which may be very dangerous. It is compulsory to check brake warning lights and take a proper course of

February 16, 2015
How to Talk for Better Auto Body Service  

Today the vehicles are more efficient than the old vehicles with more effective body, custom painting and attractive colors. These are also equipped with latest technology. But the question arises at the time of auto body service when needed. It i

February 19, 2015
8 Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car  

When you are going to buy a used car then there are several important questions that you must have to ask before buying the car. The questions regarding the car model, car paint, any accidents, about engine and about any problem if exists etc.

March 16, 2015
Result of Not Having Vehicle Insurance in an Accident  

If you are driving a car in United States then having auto insurance is mandatory. Every state handles it in different way. In some states insurance is government run while in other states it is government regulated. But law is same in the whole U

March 18, 2015
Top 8 Ways to Keep Your Car Running  

  1. Don't Drive

    There are various times when you need not to use your car and you could be biking, walking, carpooling or use public transportation. These are the choices that are excellent for your health, your wallet, goo

April 15, 2015
Expenditure of Worst Things Your Mechanic Can Tell You  

There are many things that you want to hear when you go to auto repair or auto body shop. The things are like fixed wire that fell off so no charge for this, check

April 17, 2015
Points to Remember When the Unexpected Occurs  

An accident can be really stressful, even from the small dents and dings to the excessive collision repair and may be more like engine problems or transmissions problem. It is very usef

May 15, 2015
Useful Points for Cleaning Paint Gun  

Paint gun cleaning is not a very difficult task. Various auto body shops provide many useful points for cleaning paint gun. There are lots of gun cleaning kits are available in the mark

May 18, 2015
How You Make Auto Body Repair Inexpensive  

If you want to go for auto body repair then it may be very costly for you. Mostly we depend on the insurance companies to pay the bills. But some people pay their bills from their own p

June 15, 2015
11 Techniques to Maximize your Car's Value Before Sel  

  1. Replace Windshield Wipers

    Windshield wipers are very inexpensive and it is easy to fix. It also make good look of our car and increases the value of your car.

  2. Clean the Engine

    It is

June 17, 2015
Don't Fall For These Tricks for Auto Body Repair  

When the car owners have to go for auto body repair then they develop their own ideas and beliefs for saving money. There are two types of people who think that they are clever enou

July 9, 2015
Damage of your Vehicle from Road Salt  

Protecting Your Automobile from Harsh Winters

Everyone knows the rough conditions of winters in United States, especially for your vehicles. Road salt is used to avoid the dangerous conditions when the roads are fully covered with ice and

July 10, 2015
Tricks for Car Paint Scratch Removal with Home Remedies  

A scratch is unevenness on the clear coat surface, made noticeable because light reflects on the irregular part. This surface looks different from the rest of the surface. But now you can repair these scratches yourself by using home remedy. The r

August 13, 2015
Tips to Save Money on auto body Repairs  

You don’t have to be familiar with a lot about cars and trucks to save money on auto body repair, but a little knowledge about how the auto body repair industry works can save lots of money. Observing these tips is a great start in the direc

August 13, 2015
How to Repair Vehicle Paint Chips  

Fixing your vehicle paint chips is significant part of automobile repairs. Chipped and dented paint surfaces are both unfavorable to the aesthetic value of a vehicle, and are dangerous to the body of a car. Paint chips appear for several reasons a

September 17, 2015
How Body Repair Quality Can Affect Your Vehicle Value  

Auto body repair is an essential for all vehicle owners. You may be caught up in an accident that needs auto body repairs, but you don’t know when these incidents will take place. The quality of the auto body repair work done on your car dee

September 17, 2015
What you have to do when you hit any animal  

Animal may look friendly and innocent, but every year 10,500 people are sent to the hospital and 250 people are killed in animal related accidents. The large animals like deer not only can cause wide physical harm, but also

October 14, 2015
Auto Glass Repair or Replacement which is best option  

In the earlier period, having a cracked windshield meant that you would surely require to have it replaced. But, modern day auto glass repair makes windshields more repairable depending on the size, location and the severit

October 20, 2015
Know Your Auto Repair Shop's Credentials  

Collision service centers /  auto body shops in the Winder, GA,  all have technicians with varying degrees of skill and experience. When you walk into their place of business, you will more then likely see on the walls diplomas, certific

November 24, 2015
Winter Preparation  

Driving conditions in Winder during the winter months can sometimes be tricky. We have seen a couple of harsh winters in our country over the last two years so make sure you and your vehicle are prepared. Take a little extra time to make sure your

December 15, 2015